A New Year, A New Path in my Journey

I have started a new path in my life’s journey as a librarian and teacher. In the past two months, I have sold my apartment in Brooklyn, purchased a home in Syracuse, acquired a car for the first time in nine years (since I moved to New York City), and transitioned from being Director of Library Services for the New York City schools to Assistant Professor of Practice in the iSchool at Syracuse University.

I am very torn at leaving the library community in NYC. I know that the close friendships I have formed with school, public, and academic librarians will continue. We share a passion for strong library services that get to the heart of what our community members want, whether it’s providing access to materials in multiple languages, teaching the skills to find and make sense of information, guiding our users to be safe and responsible online, or providing virtual services and e-books. I have learned from my colleagues and grown professionally and personally from our collaborations.

At Syracuse, I hope to inspire the next generation of librarians as we build on the past and explore the future. The library world is changing, and the need for knowledgeable and community-centered librarians is stronger than ever. I am excited by the possibilities and look forward to sharing my thoughts and questions as I travel this new path.


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  1. Nann

    Barbara, congratulations on your new venture! You are a model for so many of us — you take risks and succeed! See you in Dallas.

  2. Diane R. Chen

    Barbara, Congratulations. I believe this is a wonderful new road for you and will be a wonderful fit while you run and serve as ALA President. In 1988 I studied your information literacy model while in graduate school and you have made a difference in my career. I know you will continue to make a difference in the next generation of school librarians.

  3. Stephanie Rosalia

    Barbara is being typically modest. As a librarian who worked with her in New York City, I can tell you that Barbara literally dragged the NYC school library system into the 21st century. Her vision, leadership, determination, and incredible talent for bringing diverse groups together created, in a very short time, a model program others were certain could not be done. For Barbara, there is NOTHING that can’t be done This, in the largest, most diverse school system in the country.

    Barbara’s knowledge and fearless leadership inspired me and my colleagues daily and continues to do so. Her legacy to the New York City school system’s libraries is one of excellence and forward thinking vision. For us, now, nothing is impossible.

    Barbara Stripling is the best person I have ever worked for or with. We console ourselves over her departure from us with the knowledge that she will do great things to benefit the many. There is no person who would make a better president for ALA. Period.

  4. Deven Black

    Congratulations on your new position. While we will miss you guidance, friendship and wisdom up close in NYC I know you will always be part of our library community. I look forward to voting for you for ALA president!

  5. Ginnie Cooper

    Hooray for BARBARA STRIPING! And how lucky we are to have the opportunity to vote for one so committed to what matters to librarians! I know Barbara “up close and personal,” from our years as neighbors in Brooklyn. I trust her to do the important work needed to put libraries front and center in American life.

  6. Johanna Spoljaric

    I think Stephanie Rosalia said it best above, Barbara Stripling transformed New York City School Libraries. In her first year alone, she, along with her colleagues, made sure that every NYC school librarian had a tablet and a portable printer. In other classes, we were given projectors. Who can accomplish anything like that in so short a time? She kept us on the cutting edge with professional development that was par to any graduate class at any school in the country and she cared about each and every one of us and the students of New York City public schools. If she is elected as ALA President, it will be the best thing that ever happened to our profession.

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