Curriculum Vitae

Barbara Stripling

Syracuse Univ. 2008-11 D.P.S. Doctor of Professional Studies in Information

U. of Arkansas 2000-03 Ed.S. Major – Educational Administration

U. of Arkansas 1976-91 M.Ed. Major – Instructional Resources, Education

U. of Colorado 1970-74 M.A. Major – Communications and Theatre

U. of Arizona 1968-69 Teaching Credential; Graduate work in English

Stanford University 1964-68 B.A. Major – Speech and Drama

2015-present iSchool, Syracuse University Senior Associate Dean
Syracuse, NY

2012-present iSchool, Syracuse University Assistant Professor of Practice
Syracuse, NY

2005-2012 Department of Education Director of Library Services
New York, NY

2002-2004 New Visions for Public Schools Director of Library Programs
New York, NY

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Magic of Student Empowerment Through Inquiry. [Keynote]. Hommocks Middle School. Mamaroneck, NY. 3 November 2015.

Leading from the Heart. [Keynote]. 2015 CALA Annual Conference Program. San Francisco, CA. 28 June 2015.

Building a Culture of Inquiry. [Workshop & Keynote]. Westchester BOCES. Harrison, NY. 15 May 2015.

Magic of Student Empowerment Through Inquiry. [Keynote]. Middle Level Librarians & New York State Education Department (NYSED). Albany NY. 19 Mar. 2015.

Making an Impact with Advocacy. [Keynote]. Arkansas Library Association Conference (ArLA): “Libraries Tweet All About it.” Hot Springs, AR. 6 Oct. 2014.

School Libraries Change Lives. [Keynote]. ABLA Conference. Florianapolis, Brazil. 23 Sept. 2014.

Inquiry & the Common Core. [Keynote]. New York State Education Department Conference: “Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core.” Albany, NY. 12 Aug. 2014.

Leading the Transformation of Libraries. [Keynote]. Ohio Leadership Institute. Columbus, OH. 23 July 2014.

Do You Have What It Takes to be a Leader? [Keynote]. Summer Summit for New School Librarians. Boise, ID. 15 July 2014.

Why Libraries are Here to Stay. [Keynote]. Empire Collaborations Conference (ECC). Albany, NY. 9 June 2014.

Libraries Change Lives. [Keynote]. School Library Treasure Mountain Canadian Library Association Annual Conference. Victoria, BC, Canada. 29 May 2014.

Libraries and Librarians: The Human Side of the Digital Revolution. [Plenary Speech]. AMBAC: Asociación Mexicana de Bibliotecarios, AC at Conference: “La Tecnología en Bibliotecas Escolares: Posibilidades y Retos.” Monterrey, México. 15 May 2014.

Declaration for the Right to Libraries. [Keynote]. Texas Library Association, 2014 Annual Conference. San Antonio, TX. 9 Apr. 2014.

Libraries for Education & Social Inclusion. [Presentation]. University of Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 22 Sept. 2014.

Libraries Change Lives. [Presentation].
• Sao Paulo State Library. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 22 Sept. 2014.
• Federal University of Santa Catarina. Florianapolis, Brazil. 24 Sept. 2014.
• Federal University of Rio de Janerio State. Rio de Janerio, Brazil. 1 Oct. 2014.
• Sao Joao de Meriti: Rio de Janerio Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology. Rio de Janerio, Brazil. 1 Oct. 2014.
• Daegu American Corner. Daegu, Korea. 8 Aug. 2014.
• Busan American Corner. Busan, Korea. 7 Aug. 2014.
• KOFA Theater. Seoul, Korea. 6 Aug. 2014.
• Yonsei University Library. Seoul, Korea. 6 Aug. 2014.
• National Library of Korea. Seoul, Korea. 5 Aug. 2014.
• Seoul Metropolitan City Library. Seoul, Korea. 4 Aug. 2014.
• Kyushu University Library, Kyushu University Master’s in Library Science Program. Fukyoka, Japan. 1 Aug. 2014.
• Urasoe City Library. Naha, Japan. 31 July. 2014.
• Cosponsored by American Center Japan and Hibiya Library and Museum. Tokyo, Japan. 29 July. 2014.
• Cosponsored by American Center Japan and Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library. Osaka, Japan. 28 July. 2014.
• Lion’s Club. Syracuse, NY. 6 June 2014.

Information Literacy for Lifelong Learning. [Presentation]. Federal University of Brasilia. Brasilia, Brazil. 30 Sept. 2014.

Future Libraries: Why Libraries Are Here to Stay. [Presentation].Hosted by Riga Stradins University at the 11th Congress of Latvian Librarians. Riga, Latvia. 29 Apr. 2014.

Declaration for the Right to Libraries. [Presentation]. University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, MI. 14 Apr. 2014.

Schoolwide Focus on Inquiry and Capstone Projects. [Workshop].
• Hommocks Middle School. Mamaroneck, NY. 3 November 2015.

K-12 Inquiry Toolkit / Inquiry in Social Studies. [2 Half-day Workshops].
• Mamaroneck (NY) district librarians / Mamaroneck (NY) librarian/teacher teams. 2 November 2015.

Magic of Student Empowerment Through Inquiry. [Workshop].
• Orofino High School. Orofino, Idaho. 1 October 2015.
• Orofino Elementary School. Orofino, Idaho. 2 October 2015.

Magic of Student Empowerment Through Inquiry. [Workshop].
• Monroe #1 BOCES and Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES. Rochester, NY. 24 Sept. 2015.
• Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES. Newark, NY. 23 Sept. 2015.
• Mid-Hudson Principle’s Center Summer Leadership Institute. New Paltz, NY. 6 July 2015.
• Gloucester Public Schools. Gloucester, MA. 7 April 2015.

Inquiry-Based Research Projects that Sizzle. [Workshop]. Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES. Spencerport, NY. 21 May 2015.
Building a Culture of Inquiry. [Workshop & Keynote]. Westchester BOCES. Harrison, NY. 15 May 2015.

Introduction to Inquiry Process and REACTS Taxonomy. [Workshop]. Oswego BOCES. Fulton, NY. 12 May 2015.

Teaching Strategies for Active, Inquiry-based Learning. [Workshop]. Mount Saint Mary’s College. Newburgh, NY. 23 Mar. 2015.

Advocacy. [Workshop]. Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES. Newark, NY. 11 Dec. 2014.

Primary Sources & Technology. [Workshop].
• Southern Westchester BOCES. Scarsdale, NY. 14 Mar. 2014.

1988: REACTS Taxonomy: A Taxonomy of Research Reactions developed with Judy Pitts. Model focuses on strategies for ensuring high level thinking and resulting quality products.

2003: Stripling’s Inquiry Model: Model for instruction, aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards, which builds on information fluency/inquiry skills and strategies necessary for active, in-depth learning. The model is being used currently both nationally and internationally – specific examples include the Library of Congress and the New York City School System.

2009: Supporting Inquiry with Primary Sources: Model & Video Series developed for the Library of Congress. Used by Teaching with Primary Sources sites throughout the country.

2010 Information Fluency Continuum (also known as Empire State Information Fluency Continuum): K-12 framework of information fluency/literacy skills that includes priority benchmarks and graphic-organizer assessments, as well as alignment with the Common Core.

2013-2014: Libraries Change Lives ALA Initiative: Strategic plan for the American Library Association for 2013-2014.

2013-2014: Declaration for the Right to Libraries: An advocacy document for community members to sign as their affirmation of the fundamental values that libraries bring to individuals and society.

2013-2014: Declaration for the Right to Libraries Toolkit: Toolkit for the cornerstone document of the ALA Presidential Initiative, Libraries Changes Lives. Covers action steps, talking points, and how to connect to other events happening nationally.

2013-2014: TEDx for Libraries: Presidential initiative to bring TEDx events in partnership with libraries all over the country.

2013-2014: ALA Taskforce on Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion: Fostered and guided the development of the Taskforce. The purpose of the Taskforce is to develop a plan and strategic actions to build more equity, diversity, and inclusion among ALA members, the field of librarianship, and communities across the country.

President’s Award, presented by the Arkansas Library Association “in recognition of continued excellence and outstanding achievement in the area of Librarianship,” 2014.

Distinguished Service Award, New York School Library System Association, 2012.

Arkansas School Library Media Specialist of the Year, presented by the Arkansas Association of Instructional Media, 1990.

Retta Patrick Award, presented by the Arkansas Library Association, November 1989.

President, New York Library Association, 2016-2017.

Mentor, LILEAD Project Fellows Program: Connecting School Library Leaders. Supported by University of Maryland, College of Information Studies and Institute of Museum and Library Services, 2014-present.

Chair, Accreditation Task Force of American Library Association, 2014-present.

Mentor, ILEAD USA: Innovative Librarians Explore, Apply and Discover. 2014-2015.

Founding Member & Executive Board Liaison, Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, American Library Association, 2014-2015.

President, American Library Association, 2013-2014.

Executive Board Member, Merritt Fund, 2012-present.

2013-2016: PLUS-NY: Empowering Voices, IMLS, Principal Investigator, $498,788.

2005-2008: Preparing Librarians for Urban Schools Grant, IMLS, co-Principal Investigator.

1994-1998: Library Power Grant for Chattanooga, Tennessee, director, $1.2 million.

1992: Dept. of International Studies, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Interdisciplinary Studies Grant, co-recipient and administrator, $1,000.

1988: Arkansas Teacher Recognition Grant, recipient and administrator, $1,000.

ALA President 2013-2014 Barbara Stripling: Libraries Change Lives.

ALA President Barbara Stripling unveils ‘Declaration for the Right to Libraries’