Transition to Library Educator

I have physically made the transition from Director of School Library Services in New York City to Assistant Professor of Practice at Syracuse University. I’m still going through the intellectual transition. I am a teacher librarian at my core. As a library administrator, I made all decisions with student learning in mind while I navigated a large, political system to put policies, guidelines and curriculum in place to support effective school libraries.

I am finding that I still hold learning at the center of my decision-making in preparing my courses, but I now can broaden my perspective to include learning fostered by all types of libraries. I am exhilarated by the high quality of graduate students I have encountered who will form our libraries for the future. While I am teaching them about core elements of library service, they are teaching me about the power of social media and the digital environment to transform the way we work. I am also learning about online education and see possibilities for greatly expanding the equity of access to library education and increasing the diversity of the library work force.

It is an exciting time to be a library educator!