Welcome, Barbara! A guest post from Professor Jill Hurst-Wahl

As the details of Barbara’s move to Syracuse were being worked out, I made it known that I wanted to teach a class with her. So this semester, Barbara and I are co-teaching “Planning, Marketing and Assessing Library Services”, which is a project based class. We’re sharing everything about this class and having a blast doing it!

Co-teaching a class means being on the same “page” in terms of learning objectives, activities, etc. It often means being flexible while being sure that our eyes are kept on the goal. We began coordinating our efforts before the December holidays, laying the groundwork that we knew would serve us well this semester. Now as mid-semester approaches, we’re definitely in a groove!

Barbara brings different skills to this class and I truly appreciate that. For example, this past week, we had the project teams brainstorm the goals and outcomes for their real-world projects. Then each team used Barbara’s consultancy model which allowed them to receive feedback, followed by brainstorming ideas from another team in the class. It was remarkable to see and hear the conversations that occurred, the suggestions that were made, and the ideas that are now being integrated into their plans. Given how well it worked in the classroom, I am anxious to use her model with practitioners.

My impression is that Barbara quietly works to improve every situation that she is in. And I use the word “quietly,” because her Midwest presence stands in stark contrast to everyone’s first impression when they hear that she moved here from New York City. She is affirming, collaborative and caring. Just the person I want to be teaching with!